Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why I'm just like this snail

While tending my garden, it occurred to me how much I have in common with this little flower pot. Both our previous careers involved working in an office! My buddy here dispensed tape. And I dispensed information and implemented software for businesses. Now we both get to work outdoors, and we both have a fondness for all types of succulents.

While the garden is a common denominator, there is another trait I share with the snail; we both honor the pace of a tedious and complicated process. People have commented that they would never have the patience to accent flowers with tiny glass marbles, or spiraled wire stems. And the thought of filling an order for hundreds of custom cards wrinkles their forehead.

Growing from hobby to full-time business has imposed a limit on the time I spend clipping, pressing and gluing with my own hands. But when I do, I find those tasks to be therapeutic and somewhat grounding, and a good time to get some thinking done.

What kinds of things do I ponder? Eco-friendly ideas like, how I could use Zebra Grass for gift wrapping, or ways to re-purpose a ceramic snail tape dispenser that no longer serves a need. I must confess, I simply adore the outcome of that one!

It just goes to show you, one never knows what life has in store. This seemingly meaningless tape dispenser produces such beauty in the world.  That is my hope for what my business brings to people everyday, through the process of designing or giving a botanical work of art, or being the happy recipient.


Paula Estes
Botanical Artist and
Creative Thinker

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