Monday, April 5, 2010

Fresh Garden Mint Is Perfect for Steeping

What a rainy day in Southern California today! Days like this make a hot cup of tea even more enjoyable. While I have not yet incorporated mint leaves into a greeting card (give me time), this prolific botanical does make regular appearances inside my Perfect Steeper, a loose tea steeper so brilliantly designed that I've given it the official THINGS WE LOVE stamp.

My garden provides a perpetual supply of mint, and I often offer the just picked leaves to clients  who visit my studio. But when I'm not brewing a pot I prefer to use the Perfect Steeper. I also use it when I'm on the go and enjoy drinking it right from the tumbler at meetings and when traveling.

The Perfect Steeper can be purchased from our On-line Boutique. Click on THINGS WE LOVE.

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