Monday, February 22, 2010

Poppy Love

One of my favorite botanicals to design with is the poppy, a colorful, vibrant flower. Against paper they have the appearance of a fine translucent fabric, adding interest and beauty to a hand crafted note card or invitation.

I enjoy having poppies as members of my garden family during the first few months of the year. I get to witness the remarkable unfolding of each blossom, and sip tea in the multi colored luxury of their beauty.

Below are pictures of the very first to arrive last weekend. I stepped outside of the studio to welcome them and record the moment.

Prior to blooming , hairy stems supporting swollen
buds have a fascinating “from another planet” look.

You don't know what color flower you are getting
until it opens; usually white, yellow, orange or red.

The reveal is as awesome as a butterfly shedding its cocoon. 
Crumpled petals break through their shell and reach for the sky.

There’s more poppy love to come, from the garden and studio of Petalos di Pauli. Until then, take time to breathe and enjoy the miracles of each day.

Joyfully Yours,

Paula Estes
Botanical Artist
Petalos di Pauli

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