Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day: Introducing Eco-Options

In celebration of Earth Day 2009 we spotlight 2 invitations that feature a blend of Eco-Options and illustrate the concept of going green gradually. Eco-Options consist of elements and ideas, presented as design options, for creating green, eco-friendly invitations and stationery products. When making a decision to go green it doesn’t necessarily have to be all or nothing. Learn your options then pick the features that fit your style and budget. Petalos di Pauli will give you the facts to help guide you down the right path and honor your pace as you consider your personal eco-strategy.

Embellishing with beautiful blooms is our passion and these lovely ensembles take flora to the next level with mailer boxes cushioned with stunning color-coordinated petals. The use of hand-torn mulberry bark papers add a soft touch to invitations which we confess aren’t perfectly green, but make us none the less proud to bare. Staty tuned for a detailied list of ingredients.

Like it or not, everything we do has an "environmental impact quotient" that measures the risk our actions have on the environment. As earth citizens we should all be mindful about what and how we do things and make an ongoing effort to minimize negative impact. Petalos di Pauli believes in artistic expression with a sense of responsibility to work towards a safer, healthier and better world. With Eco-Options we make it possible to go green gradually and gorgeously.

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