Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meet Flyboy Naturals

Petalos di Pauli is so fortunate to work with some of the best vendors in the country and we consider freeze dried flower petal supplier Flyboy Naturals ( to be such a talented and creatively generous partner in so many of our projects.

 Says co-founder Jami Brown: “Our petals are all natural and we do our part to help the earth and environment. We use wind energy to process our freeze dried petals (including roses, lilac, peony and hydrangea) and grow all our flowers using a certified green pest-control program.”

We love talking to “petal specialists” at their Myrtle Creek, Oregon operation whenever we have a question such as how many petals will line a specific size presentation box. We left petals out overnight on a major design project recently and it was Flyboy to the rescue when during a California heat wave, the petals became dry and a bit difficult to work with. Flyboy Naturals provided just the right solution to restore their beauty and suppleness. Likewise, they feel free to call on our expertise, such as recommendations for the best kind of glue for using with petals.

Jami’s freeze drying expertise started back in 1988 doing whole flowers and a line of everything from wreaths and topiary to swags, garland and centerpieces. Former pilot husband Jim and Jami started Flyboy Naturals in 1992 and the couple “found our slice of heaven on the mighty south Umpqua River in Oregon.”

 We consider Jami a creative soulmate because, like us, she and Jim love being surrounded by beauty and making others happy in sharing that beauty by providing a beautiful, natural, eco-friendly product at very affordable prices.

The Petalos di Pauli studio has a palette of 100 varieties of petals from Flyboy in various petal sizes and color blends which we love showing to clients. Call us to make an appointment to see this fabulous collection and hear ideas on how you can use Flyboy petals for your next project. 

Did you know that freeze dried rose petals are preferred for most wedding venues today? That’s because live petals can stain and are slippery on floors. No such problems with freeze dried petals! So many of the wonderful botanical effects created by Petalos di Pauli are made possible using freeze dried petals from Flyboy Naturals.

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