Monday, August 2, 2010

Five ways to make special event stationery eco-friendly

Kermit the Frog may think it’s not easy being green, but when it comes to designing eco-friendly special event stationery, we beg to disagree, dear Kermie! Here are five things to consider when designing your invitations, menus, reply cards, envelopes and other special event collateral that will make your efforts more earth friendly:
  1. Less is more: using less paper is not only eco-friendly; it will prove more economical for you in the long-run. 
  2. Double the pleasure: consider printing on both sides of insert cards instead of using two separate cards.
  3. Tree-free doesn’t mean paperless: investigate the many wonderful paper options that don’t require tree kill.
  4. Toxin-free papers and inks: vegetable dye-based papers and soy inks are the earth-friendly way to go. 
  5. Choose local first: whether a local printer or using locally grown flowers, eliminate the environmental emissions caused by transporting or importing your design elements long-distance by choosing local whenever possible. 
Petalos di Pauli has lots of crafty ideas when it comes to designing good-looking and eco-friendly stationery products.  As purveyors of paper, we bring to you a range of post-consumer recycled paper sources and feature choices, including Saa (Mulberry tree) and  Lotka (Daphne bush), for sustainable style. Going green may be easier and more beautiful than you think, with our team of knowledgeable creatives ready to help.

Gracious Greening,

Paula Estes
Botanical Artist
Petalos di Pauli

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