Friday, July 2, 2010

RentalComp Launch Party

Last month we spent a beautiful June evening living it up at the RentalComp, Launch Party. RentalComp is a brand new search and compare website for event rental items (think KAYAK) that is sure to streamline the process of styling special events. The affair was to gorgeous not to share.

Upon entering the gates of Tiato, the incredible new House of AN venue, we found ourselves in a  courtyard so beautiful and serene that we forgot that we were in busy Santa Monica.
It was Alexandra Rembac of Sterling Events and Carol Saunders of Grand Events who, together,  produced this magical event that was both sterling and grand. I fell in love with the venue right from the start, drawn to the breathtaking, living wall art that lit up as the sun went down.
Since I'd recently begun sculpting my own vertical garden,  I confess I experienced a bit of succulent envy.
As you can see, Shawna Yamamoto Event Design created wonderful and unique floral arrangements to compliment the space and carry out the magical vision. Teamed with beautiful furnishings from Girari and  Lounge Appeal, the courtyard became the perfect laid back place to mingle, talk, lounge and indulge!

AN Catering is a known name in the industry. I won't even try describe the scrumptious hand passed hor d'oeuvres we were treated to. This is me eating my first box of AN's Famous "Secret Garden" Garlic Noodles. It was probably okay that I kept my mouth shut and just danced. AN Catering is incredible!

  Photo by Heather Roman

The inside portion of the venue had been transformed into a beckoning space for those who wanted to dance or huddle up to the bar in a Lakers Game 6 friendly atmosphere. Dance music was provided by none other than Infusion Xperience from my favorite 11H Entertainment. History has shown that when Infusion Xperience is in the house I turn into a rhythmic introvert, abandoning conversation and all networking intentions because I have no choice but to dance. For those of you who don't known, Infusion Xperience is the ultimate balance between live A-list Musicians, DJ and Emcee.
 Photo by Heather Roman

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of collaborating with Leslie Maynor of Fantasy Frostings, designing a wedding invitation inspired by her pearl embellished, Vintage Glamour Wedding Cake. While Leslie is wonderful to work with, being on the consuming end of her talent is even better. Her Dessert Table was artful and delicious. She is so much more than cakes!

I really tried to exercise restraint but when half  dozen happy people told me I "really should try a funnel cake," I had to find out what all the fuss was about. Answer: It's about wonderfully, warm and delicious, made to order Mini Funnel Cakes by The Fry Girl. Enough said. [drool]

Sweet Lucie's provided an organic ice cream bar (as in buffet) that was described by many as serving the best ice cream they had ever tasted! And Rock Sake provided a variety of cocktails. Their signature "Cloud 9 Saketini" was Heather's favorite so she made sure she got the recipe.
You can try making it at home:
3 oz Rock Sake Cloud
1 oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice
Sugared Rim
Shake. Pour. Enjoy.

If our host's intention was to dote on guests from start to finish, I would have to shout "success" to Darryl Aken and the RentalComp team.

In conslusion, I want to mention that I appreciate complimentary valet parking the most when a battalion of uniformed attendants are on hand to insure that all departures are as graceful and hassle-free arrivals. On behalf of all the high heel ladies in attendance, "thank you" Logistic Parking for the VIP goodnight.

Unless otherwise noted, this phenomenal photography was provided courtesy of Callaway Gable Photography. The work speaks for itself.

Thank you, RentalComp, for inviting us to such a enjoyable event. It was a real treat for all of my senses. I wish you no less than complete success.


Paula Estes
Botanical Artist
Petalos di Pauli


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  2. This event looks just divine! Looks like you are enjoying yourself :-)