Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Chocolate Week

Did you know that St. Patrick's Day is not the only holiday in March?  The third week of March is American Chocolate Week!  Although it may not have the tradition that St. Patrick's Day has, this can be a fun way to show your friends and family that you are thinking of them.  Some more good news is that it lasts an entire week!  So for those that lead busy lives, you have a week to give a gift.  Here are a couple of ideas to help you celebrate the week:

Buy chocolate from a special vendor
Any major city has it's specialty chocolate shops and American Chocolate Week can be a great "excuse" to indulge in a special treat.  You can surprise your spouse or a friend with something extra special, maybe they will even share it with you!

In the Los Angeles area, where the Petalos di Pauli studio is located, we love Compartes Chocolatier   for their delicious handmade confections as well as their whimsical modern artistry.

Chocolatier, Jonathan Grahm says his unique and eclectic creations are made "from our heart to yours," which reminds us at Petalos di Pauli of our design and business philosophies.  Each element of the design treated as important, results in an experience that delights more than just one of your senses. Which leads us to....

Stationery to go with your Chocolate Gift
So, with your unique chocolate gift chosen for your "Chocophile," we suggest a unique stationery item to present with your gift.  Petalos di Pauli created just the thing; a card highlighting the wonders of chocolate. 

The perfect card for American Chocolate Week, or anytime!
A handmade card that expresses how we really feel about chocolate!

In honor of American Chocolate Week we would like to ask our readers to email us their stories about how chocolate has been special in your life.  The first five responders will receive one of the handmade original cards pictured above as a thank you for joining our celebration!  Next week's Blog will feature our favorites.  Email us at Chocolate@PetalosdiPauli.com

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