Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ginny Moore owner of Calligraphy, Ink, calligraphyinkstudio.com , was intergral in the design of our popular LOVE invitation which is currently featured in Your Wedding Day magazine.  We recently asked Ginny about her work and this is what she shared with us:

Q: Paula has received great response to her LOVE invitation, which you helped design. What was your experience like working on the LOVE invitation?

A: For one thing, I loved working with Paula. She is so sweet, fun and artistic. She gave me an idea of what she wanted for the invitation, but she also really let me be creative with it. I have lots of different styles and even pen types I love to use in my calligraphy, but I rarely get to use more than one style per job. This is such a fun opportunity to get imaginative and really use lots of different looks together to play up the whimsical design.

Q: You mentioned your different styles of calligraphy.  We have had customers ask us why they should pay for a calligrapher if they have a computer.  Why should someone use a calligrapher instead of printing addresses out with their computers at home?

A:  For one, etiquette and tradition require hand-addressed envelopes for wedding invitations. Even if you can’t afford a calligrapher, the envelopes should be hand-addressed, even if it’s by the bride or a friend with nice handwriting. It stands out as such a personal touch in a world of emails and texting. Another reason is calligraphy really makes a statement. When your envelopes are beautifully calligraphed, it says to the guests that you take great pride in this event and it is something to be greatly anticipated! After all, the envelope will be the very first thing the guests see as a glimpse of the wedding! A gorgeous, hand-calligraphed envelope is striking and memorable. Finally, using a calligrapher greatly reduces time and stress over one of the most worrisome aspects of planning a wedding: the guest list. Calligraphers have been saving busy brides hours upon hours for years and years!

Thanks so much Ginny!

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