Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to Gift Wrap Japanese Style

Custom wrapping is a great way to tie in beautiful papers used in your invitation with other areas of your special event. Present a fabulously wrapped present as a gesture of gratitude to your bridal party or add elegance and intrigue to your table top with wrapped favors your guests get to take home.

Using handmade papers and Mizuhiki paper cord, we show you a quick and easy technique inspired by the Japanese sense of style. We snapped pix while attending a hands-on workshop at the National Stationery Show. We had limited workspace so we had to execute this project on top of papers that went with the next project. Keep that in mind as you discern the images that illustrate each step.
Materials: Handmade papers such as Unryu (sheer mulberry paper with strands), Double-sided tape, Mizuhiki paper cords, a box.
Create a strip of paper from accent paper: Fold edge over 1
1/2" to 2", Moisten fold with wet cotton ball, Gently pull apart

Begin wrapping box with main paper

Position accent paper strip on top of on main
Continue wrapping box, using a tiny bit of tape. Fold
in the ends as you would a typical gift wrap.

Tie 3 strands of Mizuhiki cord in square knot, then tuck the
ends inside the knot.

(Side View)

(Top View)

Our instructor was gift-wrap and Japanese papercraft expert Vicky Mihara Avery, producer and instructor on the Origami Workshop DVD lesson "The Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping." Using handmade papers from Mountain Valley Paper Company and Mizuhiki paper cords, Vicky shows how to layer, pleat, and tear papers for fast, easy and elegant results.

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